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With more than over half a million residents, Brampton is said to be the third largest city in the Greater Toronto Area, and the ninth largest city in all of Canada. It is a rapidly growing city, and is home to some of the busiest roads in the country, with countless commuters travelling through the town every day on the 407 Express Toll Route and Highway 410. With multiple roads, a lot of travelers have to deal with a lot of construction and new roadways.
For countless years, Goodison Insurance have been proudly helping divers save on their car insurance. Our insurance brokers can provide expert advice on savings and can help get the lowest quotes to help their customers save on car insurance.
Goodison Insurance in Brampton offers you:

  • Savings: we save you money on your insurance by getting quotes from the top insurance companies, and we can offer the cheapest rates and save valuable dollars each year on car insurance.
  • Selections: we offer a lot of choices. We can get you one of the best car insurance coverages at the lowest rates in Brampton. We will help you compare quotes and choose the best option for your car insurance needs.
  • Service: customer service and satisfaction is a high priority for us because we value the happiness and loyalty of our customers. Our team of insurance brokers will help address any insurance needs with the best service possible.
  • Ease of Mind: we help make the process of obtaining car insurance in Brampton an easy one for its citizens. We provide expert savings advice, get the best quotes and get your coverage.  
Either way, whether you are driving down Steeles Avenue or riding down the city’s popular Queen Street strip, you should not be worried about finding cheap auto insurance. Goodison Insurance in Brampton can help you compare auto insurance quotes to get you the best possible deal.

Brands We Serve
According to numerous data collected, Brampton drivers are reported to prefer a variety of automobile makes such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Ford. No matter what brand your car is, we are prepared to help serve you!

Who Shops for Auto Insurance In Brampton
With countless cars and even more drivers, it can be expected that we do a lot of auto insurance quotes for the citizens of Brampton. Based on our data collected here are some facts on the demographic that is shopping for car insurance in Brampton:
  • 72.6% of them are male.
  • 27.4% of them are female.
  • There have been 13.53% of citizens that’ve gotten ticketed and need some help with their auto insurance.
  • There have been 6.77% of citizens that have gotten in accidents and need some help with their auto insurance.
  • The average age of our users is 31.5 years of age.
Facts and Myths about Driving in Brampton
  • To date, the top three busiest intersections in Brampton are: Steeles Avenue and Bramalea Road, Airport Road and Steeles Avenue, and Steeles Avenue and Goreway Drive.
  • According to a study, collision claims in Brampton have decreased by 10% since 2012.
  • Brampton has a new transit network, labelled the ‘Zoom’ system, which got its funding in 2006.
  • Brampton offers permit parking. This is false. Unlike many other cities in the GTA, Brampton does not offer permit parking.
  • Brampton is merely Toronto’s suburb without any downtown core. This is false. Brampton has a historic and bustling Queen Street strip that is lined with boutiques, restaurants and great shops.
  • There’s no public transit in Brampton. This is false. Brampton has public transit, including a new extension connecting to York University.
Tips for Driving in Brampton
  • Don’t look up. Brampton is located right beside Pearson International Airport, so planes can often be seen and heard flying by overhead. Take precautions to ensure that you do not get distracted – keep your eyes on the road, not the sky.
  • Avoid the 407 ETR unless you have a transponder. If you use the 407 ETR without the transponder, you will get charged a video toll fee, on top of applicable rates, which can top the 30 cents per kilometer charge during peak hours.
  • Keep up to date with construction. Major road constructions can often occur in Brampton, so make sure to be aware of where the construction is and plan accordingly if you are travelling in the area.
Get Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes
In the GTA, getting cheaper auto insurance quotes is more important than in other cities in Canada, because auto insurance rates in the GTA tend to be more higher on average than any other city in the country. In fact, Ontario is one of the more expensive provinces to insure a vehicle.
Why are auto insurance rates higher in the GTA?
  • There are more cars on the road.
  • There is more traffic when compared to the majority of other cities.
  • Accidents are more likely to occur.
  • There is an increased risk of car theft, vehicle break-ins and instances of insurance fraud.
All of these factors add up to an increased level of risk for insurance companies and therefore higher insurance rates for drivers in Brampton and all across the GTA. While this makes it harder for you to get cheaper insurance rates, this is where Goodison Insurance comes in – we can help you shop around and get Brampton car insurance quotes.
All you have to do is give us a call, and give us some basic information and we will quickly compare multiple quotes for you. With this, you can make your choice from the selection of cheapest rates in Toronto.
Any one of our licensed brokers will be happy to help you.

What Affects Brampton Car Insurance?
There are many things that will affect car insurance such as:
  • More traffic tickets and violations
  • An increase in the risk of auto theft
  • Increased instances of auto insurance fraud
Many of these factors are the reasons why insurance companies provide different car insurance quotes depending on the algorithms they use to determine the insurance rates – which is why some rates are higher and some rates are lower than others. Make sure you get the best car insurance rate in Brampton by choosing Goodison Insurance as your broker – we will shop and compare to get the best coverage and rates, and try to make the entire process an easy one.

Car Insurance for Young and New Drivers in Brampton
As a young or new driver in Brampton, it can be a bit of a challenge in getting car insurance. As a new driver, you don’t have that much driving experience or history, and will have to pay higher auto insurance rates compared to more experienced drivers in Brampton.
By living in Brampton, you are in an area that has some of the highest insurance rates in Ontario and all of Canada. Make sure to get the cheapest car insurance by doing things such as comparing quotes, attending driving school and working with an insurance broker like Goodison Insurance in Brampton.

We Have Auto Insurance Coverage for Any Brampton Driver
We offer the best rates available in Brampton, regardless if you have a great driving record or not. We can get affordable coverage for young/new drivers as well. If you are considered a high risk driver, not worry, we specialize in high risk auto insurance as well.
We work with various insurance companies, so we can get all types of drivers the best coverage that they need at the cheapest rates. Regardless of your driving situation, we can help you get the best car insurance in Toronto. Here are some things that we consider:
  • How long your commute is each day.
  • How often you drive.
  • How old the vehicle is.
  • Whether you are a first time driver or not.
  • If you have multiple drivers on your insurance coverage.
  • If you need coverage for multiple vehicles.
Driving Tips to Help Save on Brampton Car Insurance
Regardless if you are an experienced driver or a young driver starting out, here are some tips for helping navigate the streets and highways that make up Brampton (and the rest of the GTA).
  • Stay alert when driving: remain alert at all times, and make special attention to pedestrians, cyclists, taxis and other vehicles.
  • Avoid Rush Hour: If possible, try to avoid the Queen Street strip and the major intersections during peak driving times.
  • Give Extra Time in Bad Weather: Give yourself plenty of time when the weather is bad – it will take longer when traffic is heavy and driving conditions are snowy and icy.
  • Construction: in Brampton, it is likely you will be expecting construction delays. Check out the traffic before you leave to see where the construction delays are and plan your route accordingly.
  • Know Your Route: make sure that you know where you are going, and use a GPS as a backup measure to provide you with directions.
Why Use a Brampton Auto Insurance Broker?
There are many reasons why:
  • They know the insurance market
  • They know what it’s like to own a vehicle in one of the busiest cities.
  • You are the broker’s main priority and it is in their best interest to help you find auto insurance coverage that meets your criteria.
If you have any questions about Goodison Insurance – Car insurance in Brampton, give us a call today!

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